„free for personal use“ license

Use UCS privately free of charge

The use of the free personal license is tied to private, non-commercial environments and subject to limited product liability, which is accepted with the download and/or the installation (details on the licensing conditions page).

The included license key limits the number of objects, which can be administrated within the UCS domain, to five of each type (e.g., after the installation a maximum of five additional user accounts can be set up and administrated).

If you need more than five objects of each type, please send us a message with information to your scenario and the selected LDAP-Base-DN.

Scope of functions

The "free for personal use" license contains the same scope of packages and functions as commercially purchased versions of UCS. Examples for the use in private areas are:

  • as an easy-to-set-up Linux home server for file/print services, DNS, DHCP, Proxy, ...
  • as an Active Directory server for the operation of Windows domains
  • as a mail or groupware server
  • as a virtualization platform
  • for the management of Linux desktops and thin clients
  • as an operation and integration system for various applications, e.g., from the App Center

If necessary, an existing installation of the "free for personal use" license can be licensed subsequently into a commercial license without new installation.

You can install the „free for personal use“ license either as an ISO installation image or as a preinstalled VM image: