Test, learn, use and contribute

Information for developers, integrators and users

Our products are 100% Open Source software. We are thus committed to make the source code of our software available under Open Source licenses such as the AGPLv3. We also want to give access to
the products themselves as easy as possible. Another important aspect for us is to provide you with technical information and be available for your questions and suggestions at all times.

This page offers an overview of the most important entry points for all those who want to test, use, understand, modify or expand UCS.

Contact and information for administrators and developers

  • Univention forum: includes all the important, technical information such as announcements, updates, FAQs and HOWTOs concerning all aspects of the development of UCS and its components. The forum allows direct, uncomplicated communication and discussion with the Univention developers.
  • Univention Wiki: provides technicians and developers with information on the technical concepts behind UCS as well as documentation for the integration of their proprietary developments in UCS.
  • Univention support database: offers users, administrators and developers practical guides covering all aspects of UCS, the management system and UCS components such as Nagios or Services for Windows.
  • Documentation on UCS, its components and the UCS-based software appliances for administrators and users can be found in our documentation section.

Test UCS

In the commercial environment, the Univention products comprising the installation software, software packages in binary format and documentation may only be circulated in accordance with the corresponding software license. These software licenses authorize purchasers to use the software without time or extent restrictions.

For testing purposes, Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is directly available as both an ISO image and a preinstalled virtual machine image for VMware and Virtualbox (restrictions of the number of users to 5 persons). With our UCS test license, you can try out UCS also without any user restrictions for 30 days. Further information around the subject "Testing UCS" can be found in our download section:

UCS Source Code

The complete source code for UCS including Univention's proprietary developments is available under the GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPLv3).

Further development of UCS and integrated Open Source components

Our bug tracking system Bugzilla is publicly accessible to facilitate your contribution to the further development. Simply register and follow the development of certain features or create your own feature requests or error descriptions at: https://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/

All partners and members of the Open Source community are welcome to participate actively in the further development of UCS. To ensure that modifications and expansions can be integrated in UCS and other Univention products, a written declaration is required assigning Univention the right to publish Univention software including the modifications made by third parties under the AGPL and other licensing conditions. In this case, please download the corresponding declaration and return it to us completed.

Support and maintenance

In the scope of the maintenance, Univention regularly publishes hot fixes, security updates and new releases. A new release appears approximately every 6 months (e.g., UCS 2.x). Patch level versions (e.g., UCS 2.2-x) with improvements and straightforward feature expansions are published as necessary. Univention releases hot fixes at least every 2 weeks and security updates as required. Component updates are also regularly published independently of this.